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I'll add all up dates and news flashes here!


Betty Boop is alive and coming to your television screen.

A Vancouver B.C. Canada local newspaper printed an article on June 16 2001 stateing:

"Mainframe Entertainment Inc. (of Vancouver), a leading creator of computer animation for television, and Fleisher Studios, Inc., the producer and owner of the perennially popular Betty Boop property, have formed a collaboration which will yield a new television series based on the dazzling 'Queen of Cartoons.'"

"The new Betty will dress in camouflage pants and tank tops, ride a Harley and drink Coke,
and sport a ring in her belly button."

Writen by Pete McMartin at The Vancouver Sun

Last Update 06/24/2001

"I'm so blue, waiting for you
"To take me,
"Oh, I can't go on like this,
"Give me a kiss, huh?
"And make me boop-boop-a-doop!"
-Betty Boop



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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo appearance)
Futureama ( opening credits of 1 episode )

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